Dragon Ball What characters stood out to you the most?


I am talking about specifically Dragon Ball.

Of the main characters be them villains or good guys, which characters stood out to you the most and why?

Goku was front and center 90% of the time so I won't include him in this. For me, the characters that stood out the most have to be Master Roshi, Piccolo (when he was introduced, this includes Jr.), and Bulma. Master Roshi added a good element of comedy to the mix. Bulma added a nice sweet touch of innocence, female empowerment, and humor. Piccolo, both King and Jr. were just good solid villains that helped shape Goku in a few different ways while Goku left impressions on them himself.

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Master Roshi, most definitely, and I guess you can count his Jackie Chun alter ego, since he's not quite like Roshi's personality. Piccolo was a great character in DB because he was about as close to a demon villain as it got in the original show, plus he and Goku had some epic fights in DB! I'll also agree with Bulma, because without her there is no DB adventure, and she's a happy-go-lucky girl who makes Yamcha nervous, Goku curious and Roshi...well...Roshi.

I'll also throw in Tien Shinhan, because his battles with Goku were great, and once he went solo he was an interesting character, rather than just a shill.

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I won't really say a character, but the part I will always remember is when Master Roshi shows off the true power of the Kamehameha
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General Blue, honestly my favourite villain in the original Dragon Ball. The dude was a ton of fun, one of the biggest laughs I've gotten from Dragon Ball was in his debut when he caught one of his men picking his nose, and then order his other men to execute him immediately. Bulma's failed attempts to seduce him were also funny. I also liked the General Blue was a lot smarter than most of the other villains, and he made great use of his unusual ability to paralyze his opponents. His duration of the Red Ribbon Army saga was the best part of the saga, maybe of the whole original Dragon Ball run.
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I will have to say that a majority of the main and secondary cast really stood out. Each one brought a sort of unique personality to the show. Each time a new character was introduced, it seemed exciting to me. It's only when they are forgotten about by their creator do they fall to the wayside. But...if I have to pick a few, definitely Tienshinan and Piccolo. Tienshinhan due to his power at the time as well as the way he went from bad to good. Piccolo because he seemed like the first truly evil character in the show and was by far the most powerful.

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