What's your favorite Kamehameha from the series?


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Here's a video showing all of them:

Which one is your favorite and why?

Mine is tied.

First up is Gohan vs Cell because come on... That was one of the most epic moments of the entire series hands down. His father at his side in spirit, a broken arm, he became more powerful than Vegeta, Piccolo, and even Goku that moment... Sadly, we know what happens to him after he gets older. *sigh*.

The next one happens in Super with Goku using Ultra Instinct against Kefla. The set up and the slow motion won me over. The final blast was done well too. I think that was the overall best illustration of power and skill in all of DBS.
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I agree with both of those but I'll add one more to the mix in DBZA fashion.
Instant Transmission Kamehameha aka Warp Kamehameha against Perfect Cell
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