Movies When did "Cooler's Revenge" happen?


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Can anyone for certain tell when this event happened in the main timeline?

It would seem that this is a separate timeline or a "what if" scenario to me. If I am not mistaken, this movie was being developed during the battle between Frieza and Goku on Namek so one would think this would have been what happened if Goku managed to kill Frieza for good and make it back home. It is as if they decided to change the direction of Dragon Ball Z after having developed this movie. So here we see Goku back on earth right after defeating Frieza. This implies that instead of him surviving, he does get killed and Goku is able to make it off the planet with everyone and back to earth. Maybe they never did the two other wishes (bringing everyone back to life and wishing them to earth). If this is the case then Krillin would not have died either which means Goku would have not become a Super Saiyan so maybe the spirit bomb was enough to beat Frieza in this story?

This also makes sense as to why we hear nothing of Trunks and Vegeta at all. It would appear he was left for dead with all of the other Namekians. I know the movie isn't an important part of the main timeline or the Dragon Ball Z series but I thought it was interesting having noticed all this my second time watching it recently.

What do you think? Does it fit in with the main story somehow or is it just an alternate precursor to Goku becoming a Super Saiyan?


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I think this was a case of deciding to go in a different direction and not wanting to waste the already produced product. I enjoyed the movie for what it was but it felt rushed and didn't really give much light onto Cooler. The other movie I guess displays him a bit better.

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