Worst Villain?


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Of the entirety of the Dragon Ball Universe, which villain would you say is the worst?

Worst as in bad back story, not entertaining, or lacking in some way, shape, or form.

Raditz has to be the worst for me. Not because I didn't like him as a villain but there was so little backstory on him, especially considering he is GOKU'S BROTHER! For me, it felt like there should have been way more to him than there was. He should have been around longer, had more of a backstory, or something. I am glad he introduced Vegeta but I felt like we got ripped off with him as a character.


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I absolutely agree with Raditz. He was made to seem like such an important enemy and such an important figure in the coming series, and then he was just gone. No depth, no real struggle, just...gone. A wasted opportunity.

I'd say the same about Turles, as well. He looks like Goku, but he's not Goku, and he's got a few evil buddies, and...now he's gone...wasted chance there, as well.
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