1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Discussion thread

    Ive seen a lack of Xenoverse 2 in the DBG section so lets fix that! If you need any help with the game I, and others will be able to help you out. Also what are your thoughts on the free update/DLC 11?
  2. TheBost

    Newest Game Closest to Budokai?

    Hey all. I haven't played a DBZ game since Budokai 3 on the PS2. I've been watching Dragon Ball Super and I'm itching to be able to play as Goku Blue and Zamasu and the like. I was recently browsing the newest DBZ games looking for one that was closest to the Budokai experience. It seems that...
  3. majin_vegetaDX

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

    I feel like they should make a new Dragon Ball Game. They should make you be a Majin, a human, a saiyan, a namekian, Frieza race, and additional characters such as a Kai, and beeruses race. That would be really cool to me, tell me any ideas of any other characters if they should add if they make...